COVID-19 UPDATE: Clubs buoyed by Government announcement


Clubs buoyed by Government announcement


Community rugby league clubs across Queensland are now gearing up for the return of full-contact training and competition matches following yesterday’s Queensland Government announcement.

From midday Friday, July 3, clubs can engage in contact training as well as competition matches in a major boost for junior and senior participants throughout the state.

With Stage 3 brought forward as part of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the QRL has today distributed an updated Handbook and MEMO to leagues and clubs.

Importantly, this communication provides the most up-to-date information on crowds and venue management.

While restrictions relating to the total number of people who can attend a venue has eased, there is still a requirement for physical distancing (one person per 4m2) off field.

QRL managing director Robert Moore applauded the Queensland Government for leading the recovery process that led to yesterday’s announcement. 

“In many cases, the announcement makes a return to play more practical and manageable for community rugby league volunteers,” Moore said.

“The unprecedented nature of the public health crisis has certainly presented unique challenges, but we’ve been fortunate to be part of the QSport Field Team Sports Group that has greatly assisted our return to play bid through the submission of a sport and recreation industry COVID-Safe Plan.”

Moore also acknowledged the work of QRL regions and operational staff, as well the many “patient” rugby league participants and volunteers who had embraced the new protocols.

“We recognise the impact that our game has on many communities and the prospect of an imminent return will be met with excitement across the state,” Moore said.

As announced last week, the QRL is working collaboratively with all leagues and clubs to provide financial support.

Pending Clearances 24/06/2020

The QRL would like to thank all clubs currently working through the process of Return to Play and acknowledge the difficult decision some clubs/leagues have made in deciding not to return to play in 2020.  

To support all clubs and participants, it is essential all clearances/registrations are approved in the My Sideline database prior to competitions resuming.   

The following advice is provided to all clubs to support a safe return to competition, while maintaining an equitable distribution of players across clubs for the 2021 season: 

  • All clearances requests entered prior to June 1 will require actioning at the appropriate level prior to June 28

  • All clearance requests not actioned prior to this date will be auto-approved by the relevant QRL or league administrators

  • All clearance requests entered post June 1 for clubs and teams not participating in 2020 will only be approved as a ‘portability’ clearance that will expire on October 20. Requests made will be actioned within a time frame agreed by the local league

  • All players accepted to participate on a portability clearance will be covered under the insurance policy of the secondary club

  • All new registration requests should be processed prior to the participant engaging in training or competition, noting the QRL will not be enforcing a June 30 deadline for new registrations in 2020 

Any exemptions outside these guidelines are at the discretion of the relevant region manager. 

Return To Play Handbook updated


Following today’s approval of the Sport Industry COVID Safe Plan, the QRL have updated their Return the Play Handbook

The Plan was presented to the state’s chief health officer and was a collaborative effort by 13 Field Sports in Queensland, led by Hockey Queensland CEO Alison Lyons.    


The approval is positive news for community clubs, noting there has been an increased allowance in the number of participants permitted at venues during Stage 2 of the Return to Play Roadmap. 

Full details are included in the attached