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This memo is to provide an update on the venues that were affected by positive COVID-19 cases within the surrounding locations and is an update to the memo sent on August 1st, 2020.

The South East Region (the region) advises that the venues that surround the locations listed on the QLD Health contact information page can this week conduct training whilst avoiding unnecessary gathering by controlling the number of spectators at the venues.

Additionally, any person who has visited the effected locations identified by Queensland Health’s Contact Tracing Information Page should not attend organised sport, active recreation or fitness venues.

It is important to confirm at the time of distribution of this memo there has been no positive case of COVID-19 involving any members of the South East region Rugby League Clubs.

The affected clubs from the venue shutdown are doing everything they can to enact their COVID safe plan. The closures were based on the location of the venues listed and avoiding unnecessary gatherings at these venues.

These closures are not a reflection of the clubs’ efforts to enact their COVID plan nor a reflection of any of the club’s participants. Therefore, there is no concerns for teams that come from these locations being able to travel and play at unaffected locations.

The Qld Governments Return to Play Advisory Group advised late Friday that organisations operating within affected locations on the weekend of August 1st and 2nd consider capacity to adhere to requirements outlined within Industry plans and health advice.

This advice included avoiding unnecessary gathering and/or deferring events where appropriate (this advice is provided here).

The region consulted Rugby League Brisbane after receiving this advice and considered the number of confirmed forfeits of games scheduled in the affected locations.

The region is currently seeking further advice from the QLD government on the affected venues ability to operate this weekend.

The region expects the results of the unprecedented testing conducted across the last week to determine the locations that can operate this coming weekend.

The region reiterates that it’s very important to remember that under Stage 3 of the easing of restrictions, sport, active recreation and fitness activities and events must comply with an approved Industry COVID – safe plans.

The Field Sports approved Industry COVID – safe plan is available here for your reference.
The region wishes to thank all clubs involved and appreciates their quick responses to the advice of venue closures.
The region acknowledges the challenges this decision created and thanks the community for prioritising the health and wellbeing of the South East Rugby League community in efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Adam Vanzanten Region Manager – SEQ

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